SAN LUN space increase !!

Dear ,

I have increased the space on LUN mapped to the server from SAN but even after re-scanning of LUNs and rebooting of the server it is not reflecting on the server !! :confused:

Any suggestions !!

Hi adym333,

since the size stays the same even after a server reboot, are you sure the SAN correctly exports the LUN?

Or is it that the file system on the server stays the same size? Thatโ€™s independent from the LUN size and would have to be adjusted separately.


hello adym,

please check with the commands fdisk -l, lsblk and multipath -l if the size of the LUN is recognized correctly

after that you will have to

  • increase the size of the physical partition
  • increase the size of the logical volume (if there is one)
  • increase the size of the file system on the logical volume / physical partition

in this particular order.

Please be careful - especially when using logical volume management - because if you are doing it wrong you can destroy your whole data. So if possible, first make a full image or snapshot of your hard disks.