School Computer Upgrades

Hi I work at a schools own budget is small
My IT manager is constituting using VDI in the schools to replace our
old computers ,
I am not as sore I think VDI is only good for BYOD and it should not be
used as a replacement of computers

what does other people think?
has anyone got a better solution?



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How are the computers used? What are the budgetary limits currently (not
numbers necessarily, just where does the money go now that is causing
expense, preferably ordered by quantity in descending order)? Why not use
the current computers (or do you need more)?

Good luck.

theking2a sounds like they ‘said’:

what does other people think?
has anyone got a better solution?[/color]

So my response to theking2a’s comment is…

We are rolling out VDI in our environment mainly to reduce the number
of physical computers. Well, we do get some performance bumps as well.

Figure the thin clients have a longer life span than a computer (we do
4 years on computers and can probably go 7-10 with thin clients). It’s
quite a bit easier to replace a thin client over a computer. Plus,
people can pretty much have their same desktop at different locations
without roaming profiles. It’s also easier for a person to ‘move
around’ to different desks, etc without having to close all apps before
logging into another station.


Hello, I’m a computer technician and lab assistant at Roy Miller High School. We’re now rebuiding the school computer system and I need professional help [COLOR="#333333"]here[/COLOR] to make a decision. We’ve been using Windows 7 for many years already, but as Windows ended its support for it, we thought about SUSE.

What are the options for schools? I contacted one of the Schools ICT school technicians, but their prices are too high.