Service discovery in 2.0


one of the really useful features in 1.6 was the metadata service. It gave us a single entry-point to query services, stacks etc. which was very handy especially when it comes to orchestrating services.

How will one achieve the same in Rancher 2.0? Has the rancher metadata service been decommissioned in favour of something else? The downstream API in kubernetes has very little information and it cannot be really compared to what the metadata service used to provide.


We don’t have a built-in metadata service in Rancher 2.0. Your best bet is to use what Kubernetes offers: configmaps, secrets, dns, and labels.

Kubernetes doesn’t have a built-in metadata service. It has these. In hindsight and lessons learned from 1.X, that’s a smart decision because metadata has been a scaling choke point for us in 1.6.