Rancher 1.6 Meta-Data Service Breaking Chnages in Rqancher 2.0


We use the Rancher 1.6.9 Meta-Data Service heavily for automation of our Docker deployments and for operational management. Are you able at this stage to articulate if there are any breaking changes in this API between Rancher 1.6 and Rancher 2.0?

Also is it correct to assume that the Rancher Meta-Data Service will act as a facade in front on Kubernetes API?



There is no metadata server in 2.0. Kubernetes has various similar pieces of functionality like annotations, downward API volumes, configmaps, field/resource referenced environment variables, etc.

What this seems to be saying is that despite all the fan fair about Rancher 2.0 and K8; to migrate from Rancher 1.6 running Cattle to Rancher 2.0 is pretty close to a reimplementation? Is that correct? If so then it’s possibly time to evaluate other options as well as Rancher 2.0!!

Fair enough, but pretty much all the realistic other options are Kubernetes-based too.

We spent a lot of time trying in earlier previews but too many of the concept details and supported fields and things like that are too different to provide something reasonable that looks like the same API. 2.0 has a /v3 and will not support /v1 or /v2[-beta]. The structure/style is all the same but the specific types and fields in them are different.

If you want to elaborate on what you use metadata for, there is probably a straighforward mapping. And for some use-cases, the stuff built in to k8s can be significantly more capable than what we had in 1.x.