Service Links equivalent in Rancher 2.0

I am doing my first steps changing from Rancher 1.6 to Rancher 2.0 and I am somehow stuck right at the beginning. I guess this must be easy but I have not figured out the solution yet.

How can I connect two containers (eg. website with database)?

Rancher 1.6 has the “Service Links” section which can be used to connect to another container and set its dns name.

In Rancher 2.0 I have my website and database inside the same namespace. I tried using the name of the workload. The same name is automatically listed in the service discovery. I tried adding a manual record to the service discovery as well. I even tried using the internal ip adress. However I cannot get a connection established.

I hope someone can give my a hint that leads me into the right direction.


Well even in Rancher 1.6, Service Links weren’t really necessary. Containers can address other services through simple DNS. It’s the same in 2.0.

In Rancher 2.0, a container can connect to any service defined in “Service Discovery”.

Thanks you - it seems there was some dns misconfiguration outside of rancher causing the problem.