SES Planning: many RADOS-GWs with same data

Let’s imagine the simple task: maintain the RADOS-GW availability (active-active or active-passive protection allowed) in a small SES cluster (less than 7 nodes, multiple node roles are supported).

Should the federated configuration with 1 zone for all RGWs (at several nodes) be used only, or the simpler way to do the same does exist?

Is it possible to create a ‘placeholders’ at nodes 2, 3, 4,… for RADOS-GW, created at node 1, and make any of these ‘placeholders’ be able to run at their nodes?


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The door is opened: all RADOS gateways in the cluster are using the same object space. No federation or multisite headache required: just create the additional gateways at the nodes, synchronize the CEPH configuration and list the gateways names/IPs in the client / load balanser / HA proxy daemon.

The most reasonable and ‘musthave’ feature appeared almost not documented.