Setup Guide for Rancher EFS

Hello! Trying to setup Rancher EFS and test attaching it to a container. I can’t seem to find any current documentation that discusses this, or any videos from meetups.

This only talks about rancher nfs

This mentions it but doesn’t have much information. And the guide image that is included doesn’t exist from the current catalog.

Basically the steps I have taken is to launch the catalog, and then launch a stack/service with the rancher-efs driver. I don’t see anything in AWS EFS, and the volume doesn’t appear to be mounted.


Any quick setup tips? I feel like im missing something super basic.

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Hi, I too have a degree of confusion regarding this and have an existing thread running -

Just incase anyone runs into this again. Our primary problem was implementation of our aws/dns. We were able to go into the infrastructure container for efs and look about how it couldn’t connect. Otherwise almost no configuration was needed.

Hi, we too are experiencing all sorts of problems. Might you be able to detail the exact nature of the DNS issue?

Many thanks

At least for our issue it was custom dns.

Rancher assumes its going to be able to mount efs based on the dns cname. So depending on how you have your dns resolution in place this can potentially kill it. For example if you are using, as your dns servers they won’t be able to resolve the efs cname.

You will need to be using amazon’s internal dns ( ==> so you can resolve correctly.

Hi, if it helps we have published a detailed How-To for setting up AWS EFS using Rancher-NFS.