Shutdown or restart via gnome not working

I created a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 (x86_64) installation using autoyast. After installing a virtualbox system with this ISO I have several issues.

Shutdown and restart do not work from gnome (and IceWM, FVWM, TWM).
ISOs selected via Devices->Optical Drives in the virtualbox menu appear not to be detected. At least they are not automatically mounted. Manually mounting does work and the YaST2 Software Manager mounts the ISOs as expected.
A virtualbox system installed via normal installation did not have this issue.

Does anyone know what is causing these problem? Am I missing packages? Any ideas how I can debug?


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PolicyKit/Polkit issue: Each PolicyKit-Files in the directory /var/lib/PolicyKit-public must be readable for every application/everybody. Otherwise GNOME Panel don’t allow users to shutdown or reboot the machine, even they have the PolicyKit-permission to do this action.