Single-node or multi-node setup

is Harvester a single-node or multi-node setup?
In case it is multi-node, can I use a heterogenous architecture, means the nodes are not identical or the nodes are located as bare-metal servers in my lab + VPS from hosting?


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I have the exact same question! A related question is what is considered best practice for running Rancher? On the same node in a VM? Rancher+Harvester seems really cool but getting it set up feels like a classic chicken or egg problem.

Not really…
Rancher is integrated in Harvester since release 0.3, this means you can use Rancher directly.
Check the related documentation here.

Well you have to spin up VM’s manually and create an enter K8s cluster inside of Harvester to install HA Rancher server, so you cannot use Rancher “directly” from Harvester or vice versa. Unless I am misunderstanding, this creates an annoying chicken or egg problem. You can’t use the Harvester node driver in Rancher without installing Rancher on some nodes…and you can’t install Rancher on some nodes without manually creating VM’s in Harvester.

If you have a single Harvester node, then your conclusion is absolutely true.
However I have seen a recent video on YouTube in which Sheng Yang stated that nested virtualization should not be a problem.