SLE Thin Client SDK

Hi Novell and folks,

We’re developing a software (skype-like softphone) for different thin
clients including SLE TC (latest version of it, based on SLED11SP1), for
Wyse Linux actually. Wyse doesn’t not provide a development platform but
merely end-user thin client so I’m asking my question here.

We need SLE TC SDK and a manual of how to develop an application for
SLE TC and how to package it, since it is very different from SLED from
developer’s point of view: it is squash-based and has read-only and
read-write filesystems merged/united(unionfs probably?). Standard RPM
package isn’t enough unfortunately. So it is hard to figure out without
appropriate documentation how to create Add-On packages for SLE TC. Also
it is unclear where to store user-specific config files and so on (since
$HOME/.appname can be erased at reboot…) and it is unclear how to
manage system settings form the application (like adding option to
autostart it on general Gnome-based desktop means copying desktop entry
file appname.desktop to $HOME/.config/autostart, but this doesn’t work
for SLE TC since it doesn’t survive at reboot).

Can anybody help me in getting SLE TC SDK or point to the right

Best regards,
Fedor Lyakhov
Software Developer
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