sled 12 kvm

hi ,
i am new using suse linux enterprise 12 sp1 and i want to know how to create vm on it i tried using command vminstall& after installing vm packages , it works fine using GUI but i found a problem choosing the operating system i want to instal windows 8 x64 on the vm , i am asking if there is a way to boot from bootable usb stick having windows 8 or what is the way exactly ??

Have you tried using virt-manager to do the initial setup? It’s a
GUI-based tool, but since you’re on SLED I presume you have a GUI. Be
sure to run as ‘root’, or be able to enter the ‘root’ user’s password in
order to connect to the KVM environment via virt-manager (joining a group
may work as well, but I’ve forgotten if that’s KVM or only VirtualBox).

Good luck.

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