SLES 10 SP3 / OES2 SP3 PHYSICAL BOX time drifting forward

Hi all,
First time i’ve ever seen this happen with a physical box

Installed sles 10 sp3 / oes2 sp3 on a dl320 G3 box for a client

Configured NTP like the other servers:
remove the dummy local clock entry
put in the time source with prefer, burst and iburst parameters

no kernel parameters as it’s a physical box

in the last 2 days it’s gained 2 seconds from the other servers in the

this box is a cluster node which is only running the master resource
and a file share, so it’s not exactly being worked really hard

has anyone seen something like this before and can offer me some
pointers on where to from here?

we have the latest oes2 patches, but not the sles ones as we don’t seem
to have maintenance for some reason on sles, but only for oes2


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