SLES 11.1 clone wont register

Hello I have two SLES 11.1 servers. The first one is registered successfully on but its subscription is expired, Im in the process of purchasing another year. I then have a Vmware clone of this same machine for testing purposes. Id like to get it registered and under support as well but I cannot get it to show up on suse_register fails with SSL connect error 35. Trying through YAST and Novell customer center sends me to a browser and it does nothing, I cant click continue. I realize these servers are out of date, but they were not setup by me and Im trying to get them up to date. Ive tried to manually add repos with zypper ar but I dont have any solid repos to add. I just want to get this server registered and get support renewed. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Aside from the fact you have posted in the Desktop forum :wink: SLES 11.1
(or SP1) is out of support… or did you mean SLES 12 SP1?

Everything needs to be done via SCC these days, not NCC so maybe that
is the issue.

You can always grab an eval code from the download page to use as a
temporary measure?

Anyway, please repost your query on the SLES side at;

With updated info, I will close this thread.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° LFCS, SUSE Knowledge Partner (Linux Counter #276890)
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