SLES 11.1 cups: move print jobs to other cups server

Hello guys,

I installed a second cups server for backup purpose. Now I try to move print jobs from server 1 to server 2.
At first I thought I only have to copy the /var/spool/cups folder, but that’s wrong. Server 2 doesn’t recognize the moved job files.
After that I tried lpmove, but it seems I can’t connect to server 2. To change the job destination from printer1 to printer2 on server 1 is possible.

I used it this way:

lpmove -h (ip address of server2) printer1 printer2 (of server2)

It seems curious, lpmove can’t handle the parameter “-U” but in the manpage it’s defined.

Does anybody know how I can move the jobs between these cups servers?
Perhaps I don’t use lpmove correctly?!

kind regards



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