SLES11.1 cups: difference between printers.conf,classes.conf

Hello everybody!

I have a strange CUPS problem, perhaps somebody can help me.
The following problem occurs on a SLES11 SP0 and SP1 system. CUPS Version 1.3.9.

I always got a segmentation fault when I deleted printers or did a reload of CUPS.

Finally I got the reason. When I delete printers via webfrontend (port 631) only the entries in printers.conf will be deleted.
Is this deleted printer associated with a class, the according entry in classes.conf is still there.
After a restart or reload, it seems the printer is there again. But it exists only a entry in classes.conf.
So this difference between printers.conf and classes.conf caused the segmentation fault.

On a ubuntu system this error doesn’t occur. When I delete a printer with the button “Delete Printer” the entries in classes.conf and printers.conf will be deleted.

Does somebody have the same problem or maybe knows how I can fix this problem?




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