sles 11.3 kernel update

I have a sles 11.3 server that is not updated beyond the sles11.3 distribution iso. I have kernel 3.0.76-0.11-default. I need to get to kernel 3.0.101- to have supported fiber channel drivers. I have downloaded the rpm’s for the kernel, included them with all the rpm’s from the base iso and build a zypper repository.
When I try to update the kernel via zipper:
The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
kernel-default kernel-default-base

The following packages are not supported by their vendor:
kernel-default kernel-default-base

I seem to missing something. SUSE suggests I register the server and do updates over the Internet, which will just not be allowed.
Is there a whole update or something I can download? Am I just doing this wrong?

So this is a pure SLES 11 SP3 system (not OES or similar)?

Perhaps just add the updates as a separate repository and then have the
base install iso as another.

You might want to pull all the updates to a system with internet access
via your mirror credentials (and the url listed) from SCC, then transfer
and use as a local system plain rpm repository.

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