SLES 11 SP1/SP3 install Hitachi CB-520 LPAR server


I try to search if somewhere is similar problem, but not quite.

I have Hitachi Blade server CB-520 and it is in LPAR-mode (diskless mode). So, OS is going to install to FC-disk. As an FC-disk I have HDS- and SUN-FC disks. I have mapped from both 100GB disk for OS. The problem is, Hitachi server has “unique” Mezzazine FC-card, and here is no driver for it in SLES11.

So, in wich point/how I stop installation to for load this /hitachi driver? It is in separate cd-rom. I do have two manual and their instructions are crossing each others. After “install” selection I should be able to press “e” key to load third part drivers. But till now I haven´t found this place.

Probably easy question to someone.

Does this page help (search for ‘driver’)?

Good luck.

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Thank´s of the link.

…but no. All documentation is based on rule You have installed OS to somewhere, and then You add more filesystems/disks/LUN´s. Or, You install OS to somewhere You can browse. In my case OS can´t understand LU´s it see, and there is no place where say “Use this driver before You scan disk devices”.

Hi petri_saario,

a quick search on “sles add driver during boot” gave this as the first hit:

The section “How to Create a Code 11 (SLES 11, SLED 11) Driver Update Disk/Add-on Product” lists the steps applicable to SLES11.

But maybe your vendor already provides a DUD (maybe the CD/DVD can be used as one)?

To use the DUD, press F6 in the initial installation screen (I don’t have one at hand right now, so I cannot verify :[ )


Haa !! This is it !

Thanks Jens. When I was driving home I was thinking that if I can´t load driver during installation, I might have to insert driver in to Installation DVD, and burn my “own version”. But this answer solve my problem and save a lot of time. …and nerves.