SLES 11 SP1 won't boot after Kernel upgrade. (Intel SW RAID)

I have a machine running SLES 11 SP1 and just installed all available
updates, including the kernel update. Now the machine will not boot as
it does not seem to recognise any more the RAID 1 array using the
onboard INTEL Embedded RAID Technology II interface on the motherboard.
According to the board the array is present and online but Linux will
not boot anymore. The array is obviously being seen because I am getting
the GRUB boot menu but when I selct the OS it says it cannot use the
array and is treating all the partitions as one disk and then just
stops. If I go into the Rescue system from the boot CD I can see the
RAID partitions as /dev/mapper/…_part1 etc but I cannot mount them
or use them in any way. Assistance is urgently required.




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I had similar problems with updating (no SW Raid). But in my case,
during the zypper-update, the /var-filesystem filled up. Because of
this, no working initrd was created → the system was not able to boot.

I was able to extend the /var-filesystem with lvextend (rescue-cd) and
mounted all relevant partitions. Then, I “chrooted” to these
filesystems, added manually an ip-address and repeated the zypper update
(some kernel-stuff was installed again…). Now, it’s working without any



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