SLES 15 MySQL or MariaDB?

I’m a newbie in terms of Suse Linux and I have the job to later migrate/move databases of an older SLES 12 System to an new SLES 15. I only find external documents describing how to download the rpm for MySQL manually and installing it, but it doesn’t seem to be possible through Yast or built in repos.
Is it true that Suse switched over to MariaDB instead of MySQl ? MariaDB is found via Yast and directly choosable for install. Hopefully someonecould shed some light on this … thanks in advance,.

Most distros I’ve seen have done so, as Oracle messed with the MySQL license and MariaDB is a fork from it to be a reasonable license. Not 100% certain for SUSE since I don’t use it, but it’d be unsurprising/likely.

SUSE moved to MariaDB some time ago. MariaDB is almost a exact copy of MySQL and your databases should work on a MariaDB instance with very little changes if any. The commands all the same including the default databases.

Side Note: MariaDB was created by the same developers that created MySQL. They left SUN when Oracle bought the company many years ago and started MariaDB.