I’m testing Suse SLED on one of my main office desktops. its nice but being a user of Opensuse at home I miss having some other network services and applications. I wouldn’t mind using SLES as my desktop but its missing a few things out of the box like the Novell client and iPrint. is it possible to add somethings to SLES to Novell Client and iPrint installed?

Installing SLED packages in SLES will probably work, but without a SLED license you won’t get updates to them.

What exactly is in SLES that makes you consider it for a desktop over SLED?

If there’s things that you want that aren’t in SLED they might be in the SLE-SDK which is an add-on for SLED or SLES (You only need Media 1) or maybe someone’s packaged it at the openSUSE Build Service.

I’d like to get the Lamp stack and possibly SAMBA but I can live without that.

mysql and samba are in SLED. Apache and PHP are in SLE-SDK.