SLES Update - no wicked connection


I am running Suse Manager 4.3.12 on an Sles 15.4 Server.

When i do updates:

The packages wicked and wicked-service get updated. Afterwards my vm does not have a network connection anymore. From to

systemctl restart wicked and
systemctl restart wickedd do not help. The configuration files

still have the right config.

ip addr shows the interface eth0 is down

Neither ifup eth0 or wicked ifup eth0 help.

The status of wicked shows

device not running.

Does anyone have a tipp what I could try to get the interface up?
I post much more screenshots but unfotunately i am only allowed to embed one.

With kind regards,


@noid Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile: Sure it’s not something on the host side, bridge or ethernet down?