SMT client - Stop using SMT and get updates from Novell?

I couldn’t find the SMT forum so I’ll try here.

We have a new functioning SMT server (latest version) and I noticed the my clients are not properly registered at Novell.

I’m working on a SLES11SP3 to get it fixed.

I can’t seem to fix it so I though I’d just point back to Novell but whatever I try it still keeps reconnecting to the our SMT server.

I deleted the service and repos.
I run “suse_register -E”

Then I try to get connected to Novell with: suse_register

This must be in the docs but I couldn’t find it (must be too late).

Thanks for any help.

Okay, server’s now getting registered at SUSE.

I had to Click Advanced > Local Registration Server and enter the name of the SMT server plus the path to the registration internals (/center/regsvc/). I thought the “” script took care of all that?

It would still be nice to know how to point a server back to SUSE for registration and repositories, instead of using SMT. Anyone?


Hi Marc,

When you register against SMT, the registration config is changed in /etc/suseRegister.conf.

There should be a backup copy of the original file next to it that you can simply rename back to suseRegister.conf. The next registration will then run against the online services.

In case you don’t have the original file, here’s the contents of the file on SLES11:

url =
listParams = command=listparams
register   = command=register
listProducts = command=listproducts

You will also want to clean up the old registration info (as per TID 3303599:

If you are running SLES 11 SP3, simply run: “suse_register -E” after having reverted those entries in suseRegister.conf.

For SLES11, SP2 and lower that comes down to: