SOCKS DANTE... on SLES10, SFTP sessions timeout

we are using the socks dante-server-1.1.19 on zLinux 9.2.s390x SuSE SLES10 SP4 64b zSeries for a long time successfully.
But some months there are a problem because many SFTP sessions connections ending with a time out result.
Not improved changing: connecttimeout: 60, ram 1.5GB, 2 IFL zSeries z10…
I find Dante 1.3.x releases available ( but it is not delivered for distribution SuSE SLES10 and SLES11 for zSeries.
No upgrade pkg on SLES10 SP4 is available.
To replaces Dante is there any other OSS product just as easy ?
Any comment/suggestion is welcome … :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…



Its a source download, so download it, unzip it, make it, install it?

something like
( download the dante source tarball )
cd ( to where you downloaded it )
tar xfz dante-1.3.2.tar.gz
cd dante*
make install

Worked on my laptop…

– Bob

Thanks Bob, I’ll try to install & compile source dante-1.3.2.tar.gz ant test it, but this zLinux is a pruduction system so in this case this new SW will be not a pkg delivered with SLES10 SP4… :frowning:
Ciaoo & best regards