spacecmd configchannel_updateinitsls

Hi there,
i’m struggling setting up a command line script for creating and updating configuration channels.
i was able to create a channel - however when trying to update the init.sls i just don’t get it.

I found the command
spacecmd configchannel_updateinitsls
which in my opinion should do the job … but whatever i try - i don’t get it working :frowning:

i always get the error message:
ERROR: You must provide the file contents

unfortunately it seems there is no documentation available for this command

basically i’m trying in different formats
spacecmd configchannel_updateinitsls < channel > < filename >
but neither combination works :frowning:

all that i want is to upload a given init.sls into an existing (or to be created) config-channel

If someone got this working please reply :slight_smile:
i’m using SUSE Manager v4.0.6

Thank you,

nevermind - got it working now :slight_smile:
spacecmd -y – configchannel_updateinitsls -c test -f test.yml