Ssh into a DigitalOcean droplets provisioned by Rancher

I am almost embarrassed about asking this question (as I am surely missing something stupid)…

If I deploy a bunch of DO droplets via Rancher (by providing the DO API token) I get those droplets deployed and managed by Rancher.

But what if I need to ssh in said droplets? I understand that the process is somewhat along the lines of Rancher generating SSH keys that it then uses to pass to DO to inject the public part of it and Rancher keeps the private portion of the keys. I don’t seem to find a way to use my own SSH keys when I deploy via Rancher nor I see a way to download the private keys at droplet deployment time.

What am I missing?


There’s a “Machine config” action on the host that will give you an archive that contains the id_rsa file (and some other stuff docker-machine uses).

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Thanks! That’s what I was looking for. My bad I missed it.

Additionally you may really like to try and configure rancher-cli locally which make things much cleaner.

Thanks @ihackalot … the CLI is something I haven’t explored yet.

Get it from the Rancher Server UI itself… bottom right corner menu. Brew it if you are on a mac. Enjoy :smiley: