SSL handshake issue in Amphora instance

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I Installed SUSE Openstack 8 to evaluate load balancer functionality. But I can’t be downloaded the Octavia Amphora HA Proxy Guest Image, because I don’t have a SAID. Therefore I created the Amphora image using ‘diskimage-create’ script in Github Octavia repository.

When I creating the load balancer, but error occurrence in the Amphora instance. The amphora-agent log as is following.
[2018-07-06 08:02:31 +0000] [1484] [DEBUG] Error processing SSL request.
[2018-07-06 08:02:31 +0000] [1484] [DEBUG] Invalid request from ip=::ffff: [SSL: HTTP_REQUEST] http request (_ssl.c:1754)
[2018-07-06 08:02:31 +0000] [1484] [DEBUG] Failed to send error message.

How do I replace correct a Cert file for an Amphora instance? Or I must use the Octavia Amphora HA Proxy Guest Image provided by SUSE?

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The amphora image is part of the SOC 8 (CLM) release. Which release are you using CLM or Crowbar?

openstack-octavia-amphora-image-x86_64 | x86_64 Image for OpenStack Octavia | package

Thank you for your information.
I did find out the Amphora guest image that in ISO image. And register the Amphora guest image to the Glance by service-guest-image.yml playbook.

Nevertheless, the same problem was observed in the Amphora instance.

[QUOTE]sles@amphora-00715f1f-9433-4fa1-8fd3-4ec22172927a:~> sudo tail -f /var/log/amphora-agent.log
ca_certs: /etc/octavia/certs/client_ca.pem
tmp_upload_dir: None
backlog: 2048
logger_class: gunicorn.glogging.Logger
[2018-07-12 06:26:59 +0000] [9948] [INFO] Starting gunicorn 19.7.1
[2018-07-12 06:26:59 +0000] [9948] [DEBUG] Arbiter booted
[2018-07-12 06:26:59 +0000] [9948] [INFO] Listening at: http://[::]:9443 (9948)
[2018-07-12 06:26:59 +0000] [9948] [INFO] Using worker: sync
[2018-07-12 06:26:59 +0000] [10056] [INFO] Booting worker with pid: 10056
[2018-07-12 06:27:00 +0000] [9948] [DEBUG] 1 workers
[2018-07-12 06:35:44 +0000] [10056] [DEBUG] Error processing SSL request.
[2018-07-12 06:35:44 +0000] [10056] [DEBUG] Invalid request from ip=::ffff: [SSL: SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE] ssl handshake failure (_ssl.c:1864)
[2018-07-12 06:35:44 +0000] [10056] [DEBUG] Failed to send error message.
[2018-07-12 06:35:54 +0000] [10056] [DEBUG] Error processing SSL request.
[2018-07-12 06:35:54 +0000] [10056] [DEBUG] Invalid request from ip=::ffff: [SSL: SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE] ssl handshake failure (_ssl.c:1864)

I have a new install SUSE Openstack CLoud using CLM, and there are no modified settings to the Octavia.

What ip is Are you sure your cerfticates are correct for both the internal and external APIs? Did you create them manually or let the install create the default ones?