Sudo ros service list > no response for this command

Hi Guys,

I’m completely new to ROS, installed the first instance of it literary 30 minutes ago.

The thing is that when I issue the simple sudo ros service list command i never receive an output.
At the moment I use passwordless SSH to issue the command. Any suggestions?

Basically i’d like to have password based logins to the OS.


What version did you try out?


I got the latest release… i think 0.7.1

Perhaps your connection cut out? Are you behind an HTTP proxy?

I got ROS running in a VM, and I have a direct host connection. Putty connects OK, that’s working fine.

When I run the command, it just wouldn’t give me a list… the session just waits forever. If i press ctrl+c i get the prompt back. All of the other ROS commands work.

ros service list makes a request to get the file

one test you can do is to wget it from your RancherOS vm.

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