Support for Older Hardware

Does Novell have any supported Operating Systems that will work on devices with the below specifications?

If not, does anyone have any suggestions?


CPU=Mobile Intel(R) Celeron™ CPU 650MHz
Clock: 650 MHz
Cache: 256 kb
Memory Size: 512 MB
40 GB HD


CPU=“Celeron (Coppermine)”
Clock: 566 MHz
Cache: 128 kb
Memory Size: 256 MB
20 GB HD

Thank you

System requirements for SLED are at
and are above the specs you cite but depending on exactly what those CPUs are (got model numbers?) if you can scavenge some more RAM you may be able to run SLED. You might be able to run SLED on the 512MB one, I’ve run it with 768MB RAM in a virtual machine.

You could try the Network installer of openSUSE and install a lightweight desktop environment such as xfce
Take a look at

These distros are all about low resource usage
What’s best depends in part on exactly do you want to do with the machines you cite.

You may wish to consider asking in a more generic Linux forum such as
You’ll probably get at least as many different suggests as you do replies :wink:

FWIW SLED 11 SP3 64bit boots on a Virtual Machine with 512mb RAM and limited to 40% of one core of an Intel(R) Core™2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz. It would probably be reasonbly usable it you didn’t run more than one application at a time and didn’t ask it to do too much. But even with the CPU limitation it’s probably got more CPU power than the machines you cite. And of course installing hardware below SUSE’s stated minimum spec would probably be an issue if you ever wanted to get support.

Thank you very much!

I wanted to ask a few questions before pounding my head.