Support for pi zero W


The documentation says: Currently, only Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 are tested and known to work.

Is there any chance of support for pi zero Wireless in the near future?


yeah, there is a chance, I’ve just made a rpi64 test version for the rpi3

at the moment, the 32bit rpi images have the rpi1 (and thus Zero) support stripped out - we should really make a third target for them…


Hi…I recently purchased a Pi Zero 1.3 plus a Just Boom -Amp zero.
My aim is to use them in a wireless speaker system
I have used Rune audio in the past and the Amp Zero came with a Rune flyer in the box.
I have checked your downloads and cannot find a download for the Pi Zero ?
Is this version 0.4 the answer ?
Can I use an alternative Pi model download ?