Supported docker versions

The supported docker version page indicates that the latest version of docker that is supported for k8s is 1.12.3. I’ve been running k8s on docker 17.06.x-ce with rancher and soon need to run it on docker ee. Is there a reason that page still says new docker is not supported for k8s? If I move to a newer version above docker 17.06 i get a warning from rancher that it is not supported, but not with 17.06. Is the page out of date or is there a critical reason I need to downgrade docker to 1.12.3 and say we cannot support ee?

Kubernetes does testing on a very limited set of Docker versions. 1.7 supports 1.12.6, and 1.8 adds 1.13.1 and 17.03.2.

K8s 1.8 support will be in the next Rancher 1.6.x release, and the docs will be updated to reflect the newer versions at that time. But 17.06 is still not going to be on the list.

Thank you Vincent.
Kubernetes does not make it easy to find info about which versions of docker it supports. Read through all of the release notes for the latest versions. Somehow this had escaped all of the reviews of k8s documentation reading. Will rancher 1.x support k8s 1.8 or is that not going to be until rancher 2.0?

K8s 1.8 support will be in the next Rancher 1.6.x release. I think it’s in the current RC tag.

That is good to hear.