RancherOS and Rancher 2.0

Do you plan to support RancherOS as the base OS for Rancher 2.0? I really like the simplicity of RancherOS and have been using it in my Cattle and K8s environments in 1.x. The latest ROS 1.1.0 runs Docker 17.03.2-ce, which is not supported by Kubernetes.

RancherOS supports selecting the user docker version you want, and we plan on testing and doing what it takes to support newer versions of docker for at least the parts of k8s we need for the standard Rancher functionality.

Excellent! I didn’t know that. I just found http://rancher.com/docs/os/v1.1/en/configuration/switching-docker-versions/ for anyone else wondering how to do this.

On a similar note, the 2.0 quick start guide says that Docker 1.12/13 and 17.03/06 are required for the server host. I also read that installing Rancher 2.0 installs a Kubernetes master node as well. If K8s only supports 1.13 as the latest, will it still work running Docker 17?

It’s not that they are “unsupported” so much as they only validate releases against against older versions, (ending on 1.12 I thought, but on my phone…). There are some compatibility issues but my understanding is the concern is mostly about performance regressions in later releases, and their focus on being able to use CRIO instead of docker.