SuSE Documentation for ATA over Ethernet (AoE)?

I’ve checked all relevant SLES documentation:

[LIST][]The SLES 11 Administration Guide (May 18, 2012),
]The SLES 11 Deployment guide (May 18, 2012), and
[*]The SLES 11 Storage Administration Guide (May 15, 2013)[/LIST]
…but there doesn’t appear to be any official, SuSE-sponsored guidance for deploying ATA over Ethernet (AoE) on SLES (except for a breif mention of the HA OCF agent ocf:AoEtarget [SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension Guide – March 29, 2012]).

Have I overlooked something? Is there another resource that I haven’t discovered? :confused:

There are some tools here; (system:aoetools repo -
not supported though AFAIK)

Not sure, but maybe only on SLE HAE;

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