SUSE Linux Enterprise 15: How to extend partition disk memory from lvm free space

we have a root structure as below -

Name Size Type mount
fd0 4K disk
sda 50G disk
sda1 2M part
sda2 20M part /boot/efi
sda3 42G part /var/log/audit
sdb 2T disk
sdb1 2T part
vgdata-lv_docker 100G lvm /var/lib/
vgdata-lv_datavol 1.5T lvm /data
vgdata-lv_freeSOD 364G lvm /free_SOD
sr0 1024M rom

As we can see we have free disk space of 364G available in one of the lvm’s and we need to allocate 50G from here to sda → sda3 disk (which has only 42G)

Is it possible? If so can someone please explain how can I achieve it?


@naveen_s Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:

So, my first impression is that sda3 is not /var/log/audit but / and this is a btrfs system? Is this a virtual machine or bare-metal?

If it’s btrfs, then are you running out of disk space due to snapshots on the system and clean up has not been run (or configured) of snapshots, hence the need to increase disk space?

Hi @malcolmlewis1,

Thanks for the reply!!.

Yes the sda3 is / root as well and as you mentioned its a btrfs system only and its not for sure VM it’s a physical server, which we are accessing through RDP so mostly it should be bare-metal with SUSE linux installed.

The problem is that whenever we run the jobs its directly using the sda3 for storing the cache/temp/intermittent files and since its exceeding the 42G of space the run time execution is failing because of memory issue. So checking like is there any way we can increase the sda3 space from the freely available memory (i.e. 364G) from sdb1 ->vgdata-lv_freeSOD lvm?

@naveen_s Hi so does how much RAM in this system, does it need swap added, or is /tmp being used for caching?

What does btrfs fi usage / and snapper list show?