SUSE Manager 3 - file server backend support for SaltStack

I thought of integrating a state tree located in a git repository into the salt master coming with a SUSE Manager 3 installation on a SLES 12 SP1 machine. I recognized that no (suitable) gitfs provider module is available in neither the SLES 12 SP1, the SUSE Manager Server 3, the SLE 12 SDK nor the Web and Scripting Module repositories. The same applies to the file backends hgfs and svnfs.
I was wondering, if it is or will be possible to get for example the gitfs file server backend integrated into the salt master coming with a SUSE Manager Server 3 installation on a SLES 12 SP1 machine apart from adding the repository /repositories/devel:/languages:/python/SLE_12_SP1.


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