SUSE Manager Channels & URLs for Cloud 5

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we finally managed it to set up our cloud environment, we can upload images and start instances. We used our SMT-Server to mount the mandatory repositories, the cloud installation works fine (after some minor issues). But as we already started to use SUSE Manger, too, and we find it more promising than SMT, we tried to change the cloud configuration and install the suse manager client on our cloud nodes. That seems to be successful, too, I’m testing the impact on our cloud at the moment.

Anyway, my point is: according to the Cloud 5 documentation you have the option to set up SUSE Manager client right from the beginning in the yast crowbar module before running the install-suse-cloud script. The problem is, even if you have all channels mirrored on SUSE Manager, there are still some URLs missing in the documentation, their status is “to be announced”, this applies to the optional repositories:


Especially the SLE-12 channels are relevant if you want to use Compute nodes based on SLES12, this is what we did.
Is there any kind of update to this information? It seems to work if you set up the Manager after you installed the cloud, too, but it should be possible to set up Manager right from the start.



I wanted to add the URL to the table (Table 4.2. SUSE Manager Channels and URLs) I was referring to in this thread:

Regarding my question on the correct URLs for SLE-12-Cloud-Compute5-Pool and SLE-12-Cloud-Compute5-Updates, I think we have an answer:

SLE-12-Cloud-Compute5-Pool → http://<>/ks/dist/child/sle-12-cloud-compute5-pool-x86_64/sles12-x86_64
SLE-12-Cloud-Compute5-Updates → http://<>/ks/dist/child/sle-12-cloud-compute5-updates-x86_64/sles12-x86_64

We will verify this assumption in the near future. I can’t make any assumptions on the Enterprise-Storage repositories since we are not using them.
I hope this helps some of you, I would be happy to read any comments on that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ve forwarded the information and we’ll update the documentation accordingly.