Howto know about new patches

Hi everybody.
As per best practice, you have not to use as subscribed channels the “Suse original channels”, but have to include your managed systems in Projects, so that any system is referring to project specific "zypper " channel.
Suppose you have a project with a filter in order to patch your systems monthly, at the end of the month.
If a new security issue is discovered today, all the systems in your project are not able to be alerted that this new security fix is released, since they are “linked” to a project based on 30 of April history.
How can I be aware of new patches in this case??
Thanks in advance for any suggestion

Hello Pierpa,
take a look at the GUI
Patches → Patch List → Relevant
Here you can filter eg. Security Patches and it should be give you an list with your systems, that not have the patches installed.

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