SUSE Patches should apply with specific cut-off date


I have 2 environment of servers i.e UAT and PRD.

after UAT completion of 2 weeks we will proceed on PRD. So, same packages should be installed in PRD. but all latest packages installing when we register with SCC.

is theirs any method to install the packages with a cut-off date.?

You can use Suse Manager to schedule patching:

I’m not aware of an option for zypper to install patches based on a date but there is the --date option for the list-patches (lp) subcommand.

What you need is lifecycle management which is what agemelli’s suggestion of SUSE Manager can provide.

How do you install these packages? manual or managed?
manual in redhat:

yum update --security --bugfix
yum update --cve <CVE>

in suse:

zypper patch --cve=CVE#

see if help:

if you have others/common packages (no security, bugfix)… in manual… its necessary set install specific… (very long time)

BUT its better you have controll with suse manager

1- create a local repo “UA” and “PRD”
2- sync repo (simple script)




rsync -av --delete $QUALITY_REPO/ $PRODUCTION_REPO/

With content lifecycle management in SUSE Manager you can easily promote your UAT environment once testing is complete to your PRD environment with no need to rsync any packages.