SuSE Studio openstack appliance image to auto accept EULA


I have used SuSE Studio to build my custom image for OpenStack Guest OS to be used in my VNF (SLES 11 SP4 JEOS). I have created the appliance image successful, thanks to SuSE studio.

But, When I try to deploy the VNF the VM is created and it expects to have the EULA agreed and then only the further installation continues. This is Ok when I have a manual installation of my OS. But in case of VNF, it is expected to automatialy accept the license and continue the booting till the final login prompt displayed.

How can I achieve the same (auto accept EULA and proceeed to have the OS coming up? )


You’ll want to move to the new system - SUSE Studio is being discontinued
per the blog post at


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