Question on Authenticating Cloud Images


If I want to use a SUSE image (SuSe SLE11 SP3) in an OpenStack public cloud offering, what are the licensing/validation requirements for running that image? and what is the process associated with validation and updating the image?

I’m not sure if I need consistent public network connectivity for the license to validate itself against a SuSe license server on boot each time or if I need a licensing server that sits on that network for my virtual machines to validate against.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Jamal,

AFAICT there’s no “licensing server” involved. You’d only need connectivity to fetch upgrades from SUSE - which will then check your registration and license status, on the SUSE server. As to the currently valid licensing options, this may vary significantly depending on site licenses etc, so I believe this is beyond the scope of this forum. Do you have a current SUSE sales contact at hand? I’m sure they’d be happy to assist in determining the available options…


Hey Jens,

Thanks for the quick response. There is a sales contact that exist for our company somewhere but as we are a pretty large company (100K+ employees) and our license info is hard to track down. In the mean time I have done some reading on the Subscription
Management Tool manual and think I have the authentication process down. I think it is

1 - Install SMT from Novell/Suse Customer Center with appropriate subscription list for my clients
2 - SMT mirrors the appropriate updates/repos from N/SCC
3 - Build client image with requrl and reqcert parameters set in the kernel
4 - Every time authentication/update needed, they point to local SMT to process that job

I even found this diagram

My question now is can I do the authentication/updates without the SMT and point those machines to the N/SCC? The SMT manual shows the requrl and reqcert being set in examples

Example: regurl=
Example: regcert=

With no SMT what would I set those to on the clients to point the N/SCC for my company?


Hi Jamal,

My question now is can I do the authentication/updates without the SMT and point those machines to the N/SCC?

actually, that is the standard way of doing things when you only have a few machines :wink: SMT typically enters the picture if you have more than a few machines, either to reduce network traffic by mirroring the SUSE repositories, or to be able to control update installation by manually enabling patches via a local testing/production repository setup within SMT.

You can simply use YaST to register the machine to NCC/SCC (the according dialog will even be presented during install, but can be called later as well). No specific configuration is required for this.


Thanks a lot for your responses Jens.

I was just coming back to report I think I found my solution HERE. I plan on using a cloud init script and upon launch of each VM run

suse_register -a -a regcode-sles=4adab769abc68 -a regcode-oes=30a74ebb94fa

as the root user which should authenticate me against my SCC account. Now it is just a matter of getting in contact with the right person in our Software Right’s Management team who has access :confused:.

Thanks again,

Repped for support! :cool: