SVN on SLES 11 SP1


I having problem setup svn on SLES 11. What i want to achieve is local user eg: harry, ally can update, commit on svn. What i do know is usually commit using root id.

Do anyone here have tutorial about this? I seek on google but couldn’t found it. Please assist me.


What have you tried so far (commands, configurations, etc.)? Do you have
the required packages installed?

I’ve setup subversion before for local use only (my user or others on the
box in theory) and never had much trouble, though always on my laptop
running openSUSE; the steps should be extremely similar if not identical.

Good luck.

Yes, sir. I already install subversion. I can commit using using root. But when i use local user, eg: harry i get this error:

svn: E155019: Can’t upgrade ‘/srv/www/htdocs/tagsystem.tot/.svn’ as it is not a working copy root
svn: E000002: Working copy database ‘/srv/www/htdocs/tagsystem.tot/.svn/.svn/wc.db’ not found
svn: E000002: Additional errors:
svn: E000002: Can’t open file ‘/srv/www/htdocs/tagsystem.tot/.svn/.svn/entries’: No such file or directory

harry@svr-app2:/srv/www/htdocs/tagsystem.tot/.svn> ls
entries format pristine tmp wc.db

Please assist me.


I follow this tutorial >

But getting error:

svn: E200019: ra_serf was compiled for serf 1.2.1 but loaded an incompatible 1.1.1 library

If ‘root’ works I would guess this is a problem with permissions
somewhere. Can any old user get into the directory structure you
described and modify files in there? It may help to use ‘ls -al’ or ‘la’
when showing the files since the ‘ls’ command on its own does not show
ownerships or permissions. Also, the file complained-about being mising
would be one level deeper than you showed with the ‘harry’ user, and the
‘ls -al’ output will show whether or not that exists, though having
multiple .svn directories seems a little odd…

Good luck.