SWARM on Rancher2?

Should I avoid rancher 2 if I wish to use swarm? I’m not quite getting this new kubernetes “trend”.

Yes. However I strongly suspect that Docker Swarm (as in the docker engine mode not the swarm ‘classic’ product) will cease to be supported both in Rancher and possibly even in docker itself in the near term future. Whilst I too share some concerns around the shift towards K8s, none of that concern is technical and, since Rancher are committed to abstracting away complexity behind the Cattle UX, it’s hard not to see the rationale in that approach. For those of us who want/ need to support Windows native containers, K8s is undoubtedly more problematic. But that said Microsofts own implementation of docker on Windows is still pretty weak.

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We do not spend a ton of resources on swarm because the demand just hasn’t really been there, but expect to keep swarm as a catalog option closer to a final 2.0 release which will provide the same basic functionality that we have on 1.x. Also 1.x will be supported until at least next summer.

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https://github.com/docker/swarm#swarm-disambiguation makes sense : (.