Kubernetes in Rancher

Hey there. This isn’t really a question but more of a comment that hopefully may spin up a good debate.
I am playing with the latest Rancher release (well, at least i pulled the latest from Docker hub) and I instantiated a K8s cluster. As I was playing with it I instantiated with kubectl (on my mac) a container (kubectl run mynginx --image=nginx). This showed up as a pod in Rancher. Good.

As I was trying to delete that pod (either from the UI or from the CLI) I noticed it kept recreating. After some digging I noticed that the CLI was considering it a “deployment” (and not just a “pod”). As soon as deleted the “deployment” the pod disappeared and never came back.

This reminded me that deployments / jobs have been recently introduced to K8s and perhaps the Rancher K8s distribution doesn’t yet support those (or at least they were not surfaced in the UI). Then I tried to run kubectl version and I noticed that the server version is v1.2.4-rancher10.

Let alone the micro issues I had … I am wondering if 1.2.4 isn’t realistically a too old version to play with? Is there any plan to upgrade to one of the latest K8s versions? The gap between 1.2.4 (May-ish) and the current latest official (1.4.6) seems to be fairly wide.


Rancher 1.2 builds include Kubernetes 1.4, and have UI for deployments.

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Nice. Thanks.

Do you have an ETA?

@vincent, I am also playing with Swarm and it seems to be having similar “release problems”. I find myself in troubles trying to connect to the Swarm with this exact problem (https://github.com/rancher/rancher/issues/4145). What I am getting from that thread is that Rancher is moving (rightly so) to supporting “Swarm mode” in Docker Engine 1.12+. When is this going to happen?


Swarm support is coming in 1.2, which is targetted for next week.

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