Deploying multiple apps behind reverse proxy

Okay So Im running our rancher server behind a reverse proxy. we are using sub domains to point to internal ips Ex: ->, ->

Here is the problem… When I put up an app, I have to set the host name blank so that the ingress can pass i through to my app. But when I have two apps (my-app, other-app) the ingress pass all data to the latest one that I have connected to. To note my-app and other-app are separated. they are on two different machines o the same network. How Do I have the ingress when it sees that the request want to go to ip xxx that it uses my-app and when it gets xyz it goes to other-app?

I have tried to say in the hosts field (my-app.example . com ) but all I get is a 404 default backend error. I cant use Ip cause rancher doesn’t accept ips, it wants Domains. So im stuck on how to fix this.