Sync of single Patches to all content lifecycle environments

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anybody could give me an advice how to sync single patches to a whole lifecycle project without promoting the whole environment.

I have a project for SLES 15 SP2 with daily → dev → test → prod environment. Monthly cycle for dev, test and prod.

How would you now make sure that a specific patch only will be synced to all of those environments? My first approach was to apply a filter for this suse advisory. But this only works for the first environment. The other one’s will then have all new packages from the daily environment, or am I wrong?

Is it possible to manually sync the packages to the environment channels or will this break anything?

The only way I see is to promote all environments and deploy all patches to all channels or move every single system to daily, patch it and move it back to the right environment. Both doesn’t seem to make much sense.

Thanks in advance for your help!