Tell me why? About sshd

I do not understand while I install “SLED 11 SP3”, the “sshd” service is enabled by default?
I believe this is a fatal weakness that somebody with bad intention could try to login remotely with ssh.

Could anybody tell me why?

If SLED leaves the port open by default, I believe, like in SLES, you have
the option during the configuration section (before the installation is
complete) to change that. Also, I believe the firewall for SLED just like
SLES does not default to allowing access to the sshd daemon, so the only
people who could possibly connect are those already on the system.

In any case, you can disable that during installation; if you are doing
many installations at once in a scripted way, for example using AutoYast,
the option is in there as well.

Good luck.

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Thanks very much…
For several times of installation, I could not remember this configurable option.
Maybe there is something wrong with my memory. Sorry for such a stupid question.