the module inst_root does not work error after installation

Dear Friends,

I am new to SLES10. I am trying to install SLES10 SP2 x86 in a VM
After installing all the 4 CDs, at the time of root password creation, I got the error “The module inst_root does not work”.

According this post, I checked checksum of all downloaded ISOs. No ISO is corrupt.
SLES-10-SP2-CD-i386-GM-CD1.iso f6487715d7bbc9d60e56d4326d0f47a6
SLES-10-SP2-CD-i386-GM-CD2.iso 90f613be17883254f1f88f19e2f01355
SLES-10-SP2-CD-i386-GM-CD3.iso af0f37c4e64e7485ede4b3d5618d515d
SLES-10-SP2-CD-i386-GM-CD4.iso 810e4bff0f1539829348a2a1dc1a48fc

I tried installing 3 times and got the same error everytime.

Can you please help me how to resolve this issue? Why is this problem happening consistently everytime?

Thanks and Regards


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