RPM checksum failures during SLES 11 SP2 install

As the title says, while installing SLES 11 SP2 from disc, I am getting several errors about incorrect checksums of certain packages (these are: sash, libtalloc, perl-Net-SSLeay, smartmontools, and nfs-client).

I generated a checksum from the disc and checked this against the one on the download page, and it still passes, so I definitely have a non-corrupted, most recent version of the ISO.

Any ideas on what may cause this error, and how to resolve it?

This install is autoyast-configured, and installing to a VMWare VM, if that makes any difference.

An issue has come up several times in the past where the burn of the
checksum-verified ISO has still led to an imperfect disc when used with
certain optical media readers (DVD/CD drives). As a result a common
recommendation is to turn down the burn speed as much as possible. The
results vary wildly, with claims about certain drives being better than
others (and often writers working better at reading than readers (DVD RW
drives better than DVD ROM equivalents)) or some media working better than
others. All I know is that I do not have the problem and I always burn
(when I burn at all) at the slowest speed possible.

Another option, if you can do it, is to write the ISO to a USB/thumb drive
which can be used to boot and install.

Another option just for troubleshooting is to, on the system that has the
ISO already (or one that can have it copied over), setup a VM mounting the
ISO directly. If that works then you know the burn (or, rather, the
reading of the burn) is the problem.

Another option may be to, on another system, mount the ISO and make it
available over the network (HTTP, FTP, NFS, etc.) and then you can point
to it as an install source. This typically means the install goes faster
and it also means that the burn process is eliminated, and it works for
VMs, bare metal boxes, etc. that can reach the file-hosting system.

Good luck.

Thanks, mounting the ISO and making it available over the network removed the checksum errors I was seeing.

Excellent! Well done taking the non-easiest approach. Thank-you for
posting back your results.

Good luck.

Same checksum errors occur when creating a SLES 11 SP2 vm from SLES build media using vmware. Probably happens with SP3 too - I haven’t tried it. Changing the vmware CD/DVD option to Legacy Mode solves the problem.