Tutorial for AWS load balancer setup

I have a rancher 2.5.8 cluster running on a VM on AWS, and an EKS cluster, updated to the latest version of Kubernetes.

I have to surface two endpoints to the Internet, a single API endpoint and a load balancer endpoint leading to a web app on ports 80 and 443.

Is there a CLEAR and STEP-BY-STEP tutorial on how to do this anywhere on your site or elsewhere on the Internet? If I search how to do this I find a link to instructions for Rancher 1.x and when I tell it want instructions for Rancher 2.5 the page sends me to the HOME page for Rancher 2.5 docs.

This forum is such a waste of time. You would think Rancher engineers would participate here. Given the lack of support here, why would I want to engage in paid support?

I’d check out the Kubernetes AWS Cloud Provider. Rancher is a tool on top of Kubernetes.