Unable to add host on new install


Just completed a 3 node rancher install in AWS. Found this guide useful - https://thisendout.com/2016/05/04/deploying-rancher-with-ha-using-rancheros-aws-terraform-letsencrypt/

Rancher v1.1.0-dev5
Cattle v0.164.1
User Interface v1.1.10
Rancher Compose v0.8.4

After completing the HA configuration am unable to Add Host - the UI throws an error ‘Reload to try again or log out’

Any logs to look at to debug this?

my eventual goal is to create a mesos environment. Any docs on how to do that would be great.


What step does the UI throw the error?

After you click on the “Add Host” button?
After you try to add a specific host?

What environment are you in?