Unable to Download Software`

Hi I am new openSuse user. I just migrated from using Ubuntu.
So bear with me.

When I attempted to download Chrome browser directly from the web, I had to plug in my bootable openSuse USB.
When I attempt to download software from Yast I need the USB.

When I attempt to do any software downloads, I get the following error below:

System management is locked by the application with pid 3053 (/usr/lib/YaST2/bin/y2base).
Close this application before trying again.

Any help would be appreciated.


First, you may find the openSUSE forums at https://forums.opensuse.org/
more relevant to you, as this forum is for SUSE Linux Enterprise software.
A lot of things are the same, though, including this.

Load Yast, then go to Software and Software Repositories. In there you can
set your USB repository to not auto-refresh, so you’ll only be prompted
for the USB stuck when you need something new from it for an external
software installation. Patching, etc., will probably NOT require it,
though installing a new bit of software like Chrome may, for example if
Chrome depends on something it knows should be present on openSUSE (some
library or utility) but which you currently lack.

Also, be sure you have online patch repositories installed. If you do
then often those can be used instead of your offline (USB) media.

Good luck.

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